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mur d'éveil chambre bébé

Create a unique bond with your child through our awakening walls.

Our awakening walls tell the story and origins of your family, allowing your child to grow in a stimulating and educational universe at the heart of your history.

Gift your baby a unique and creative awakening wall


Immerse your baby in a stimulating universe inspired by your story


Pass on your family heritage in a playful and educational way


Designed and personalized to be faithful to your roots and your history


In view of the unique singularity of your family genealogy

mur d'éveil chambre


Offer your baby a unique learning environment through our awakening walls.



Stimulate your child's curiosity and learning of family history through our walls.

Imagine... your awakening wall

mur éveil 2
mur éveil 1
mur éveil 3

To awaken your child


The child grows up at the heart of their family history with our educational murals


Offer your child a unique and stimulating awakening space


Family bonds are thus acquired and strengthened for the child


Family ties and stories shape
their identity


Built by experts to faithfully recreate your family's story


Custom-made and unique, the sensory walls endure over time

Sourire bébé bandeau cta

What story will your future sensory wall convey?

Designed with expertise and method

At Mur(mures), nothing is left to chance in creating unique and story-filled sensory walls that are yours to explore.

Our clients speak best about it

mur éveil chambre 2

"Emma, who is 2 and a half years old, surprised me with her attraction and curiosity towards this sensory wall for several months. Living with my daughter and her husband, I was able to witness my granddaughter's developmental stages. At 6 months old, she would touch and tap on some of the animals, and a few months later she asked me, 'Who is that? Why is it like that? Is it mommy?' while laughing, and so on...

This has allowed me, little by little, to explain to her the meaning behind all these animals, which represent our family. And it's not over yet, because the older she gets, the more different questions she asks. It's a pleasure every moment to be able to pass down all this family knowledge to her."

— Gervais family


"Beyond the curiosity of our 4-year-old son Hugo, who was fascinated by these animals wearing accessories and asked us countless questions about our family, we were especially surprised to see all family members asking questions: my uncle asking, 'why a fox?!', our oldest daughter asking, 'why am I depicted as a deer with a suitcase?' etc...

This sparked many discussions and allowed us to discover the lives of family members that we previously didn't know much about. This wall has enabled all of us to learn a lot about our family history."

— Famille Delaunay

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