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Mur(mures) team

Focused on the success of your projects, our skills are at the service of your needs.

Alexandre collab murmures

Alexandre Hubert


With over 10 years of experience in child psychiatry, Alexandre collects and perfectly transcribes your family stories.

His animal: The penguin

Marc collab murmures

Marc Nabet

Design and communication

Expert in design and marketing, Marc transforms each of your ideas into sublime illustrations.

His animal : The otter

Assia collab murmures

Assia Chetara

Project manager

Rigorous, agile, and organized, Assia ensures the oordination of the creation of the Mur(mures) walls to leave nothing to chance.

Her animal : The eagle

Sourire bébé

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Transverse and complementary skills

Each of our skills serves the value we deliver through our murals of awakening.


Expertise in Child Development

Our specialist in child psychiatry brings his expertise to ensure that each wall promotes the awakening and development of the child.


Thanks to this expertise, our walls are designed to stimulate curiosity and learning in a playful and caring way.


Creativity and artistic expertise

Our talented designer brings family stories to life by creating unique and captivating murals.

Their artistic sense and mastery of graphic techniques allow us to translate the values and identity of each family into a personalized and harmonious work of art.

Gestion de projet

Organisation and Rigorous Follow-up

Our project management expert ensures the smooth running of each step, from the design to the installation of the Mur(mures) wall.

Thanks to their planning and coordination skills, we guarantee quality work and a serene and satisfying customer experience.


Authenticity and sincerity

At Mur(mures), we value authenticity and sincerity in our relationships with our clients and partners.

We believe that by being honest and transparent, we can create strong and lasting relationships to offer the best possible experiences.

Creativity and innovation

We cultivate a creative and innovative mindset in our work, constantly seeking to push the boundaries of design and wall art.

We encourage diversity of ideas and approaches to create unique works of art that reflect the stories of our clients.


We are actively committed to making a positive impact on society as a whole and minimizing our ecological footprint.


We promote a circular economy approach and adhere to rigorous ethical standards to preserve our planet for future generations.

Empathy and compassion

Understanding the needs/aspirations of our clients is essential to create murals that are true to their roots.

We rely on empathy et compassion, putting the needs and emotions of our clients at the center of our concerns to deliver exceptional results.

Let's design you sensory wall

Contact us today to bring your family story to life and provide an invaluable legacy to your children with Mur(mures) wall murals.

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