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Sensory walls

Whisper your family's story to them.

A unique and innovative approach to telling your family's story through customized animal illustrations. A playful and educational decoration to share your family heritage with your child.

Personalized and designed with a child psychiatrist to best convey family history, our sensory walls create a personalized space for exchange between the child and their family, awakening their curiosity, imagination, and promoting communication and transmission.

By discovering their family's stories and origins, your child will learn about their culture and identity, allowing them to fully understand who they are and where they come from.

mur éveil chambre 2


The sensory wall is a kind of modern photo album with a touch of imagination that allows the child to be accompanied in their construction and the development of their identity.

Family stories can evolve over time, depending on the child's age, and include different characters who make up or have made up the child's tribe and family.


Interactive family book

Turn your family stories into a fun and educational experience with Mur(mures) sensory walls. Our personalized walls bring your family narratives to life.

Customized animal illustrations captivate children's attention and arouse their curiosity, opening the door to rich and authentic exchanges with parents.

Choose our Sensory walls


Exchange space

Create a personalized space for exchange between the child and their family, strengthening family bonds.


Child psychiatry approach

Collaboration with a child psychiatrist for an approach adapted to the child's development and the strengthening of their identity.


Awakening and curiosity

Stimulate the child's awakening and curiosity and facilitate the transmission of family history through playful illustrations.


Identity strengthening

Help the child better understand the cultural diversity of their family, thereby strengthening their own identity and self-esteem.

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Share your stories

In a world where time escapes us, Mur(mures) sensory walls bring your family history to life and strengthen your children's identity by connecting them to their roots and values.


Our lives are full of stories that make wonderful tools for introducing the child to their family, tribe, where they come from, our values, and what we want to transmit to them.

Let's design your sensory wall

Contact us today to bring your family story to life and offer your children an invaluable legacy with Mur(mures) sensory walls.

Innovative, durable, and flexible sensory walls.
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