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The magic of  family stories

Children rarely know the history of their family.

Mur(mures) brings family stories to life through personalized and unique sensory walls, creating a space for exchange between the child and their family.

Designed by a child psychiatrist to understand and convey family history, our sensory walls, in the form of customized animal illustrations, awaken your child's curiosity and facilitate the transmission of family narratives and culture.


Help your child discover their identity and origins with our sensory walls.

Child development

Child development is a fascinating process that is built through stories and imagination.

From birth, the child explores their environment. In the first year, they babble and imitate sounds. Then come the first words and phrases through the stories they hear. This period is essential for their development.

Thanks to our personalized sensory walls, your child can develop their imagination and language, listening, and communication skills while getting closer to their family heritage.


The best gift for your child is an enriching and loving environment to grow up in.

Mobile Berceau bébé

Personal growth through stories

Stories play an essential role in child development, stimulating their imagination and enriching their vocabulary.

With Mur(mures), turn your family narratives into an educational and stimulating sensory wall to strengthen emotional family bonds and nurture your child's curiosity for a greater awakening and learning experience.

Give them a space to grow, learn, and thrive through the stories that have shaped their family.

Sourire bébé
enfant éveil
enfant bulle sourire
Famille jouant au tennis de table

Family transmission and identity building

Family transmission is an essential pillar in building a child's identity. Mur(mures) offers a unique and creative way to share your family's story and strengthen intergenerational bonds.

Grandparents and other family members have a significant impact on education and values transmission. Our personalized sensory walls encourage these exchanges and offer your child a deep connection to their family heritage.

Supporting parents during key moments

The birth of a baby is an extraordinary moment, filled with emotions, joy, and challenges. Mur(mures) sensory walls are designed to support parents during this crucial time, by offering them a unique tool to share their family history and transmit their values.


Each sensory wall is a treasure trove of teachings and memories, allowing parents to calmly evoke their heritage and inscribe their child in a family continuity.

Jeune couple Expecting
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