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The Mur(mures) Method:
Authentic Transmission

Understanding and sharing your family history for an unforgettable legacy. Our approach is focused on transmitting it to the child.

Project Steps for Mur(mures)

1. Collection of stories

Discover your family history through a detailed questionnaire and by participating in 3 sessions of 30 minutes to select the animals and graphic attributes representing each member of your family and significant events.


This step also includes email exchanges to clarify your expectations.

2 / Sensory wall creation

Phase 1 :Based on the questionnaire, we will propose animals and graphic attributes associated with each family member, as well as the graphic style adapted to your story.

Phase 2 : After validation or modifications, we will create the wall in 15 days and present a graphic proposal to you to collect your feedback and make any necessary modifications.

3. Printing and installation.

Once validated, the canvas is printed and the frame is made to support the canvas (see technical specifications).

In less than 3 weeks, our technician will install the wall of awakening, taking about 2 hours to install the structure and canvas.

Le rôle du mur personnalisé-2
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Sourire bébé

Let's talk about your sensory wall

Questionnaire : Create your personalized
Mur(mures) Wall of Awakening

Let's design your sensory wall

Contact us today to bring your family story to life and offer your children an invaluable legacy with Mur(mures) sensory walls.

Innovative, durable, and flexible sensory walls.
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